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Long Sleeve Polo Shirts

The Long Sleeve Polo Shirt, our latest essential.

A trend that may have passed you by, but one we think you should consider, is the long sleeve polo shirt.

Polo shirts have been around since forever, well, the early 19th century, but the iconic style really started in the mid 20th century when they became popular with tennis players.

The long sleeve polo shirts, similar to a traditional rugby shirt is actually one of the most versatile pieces in your wardrobe. They look great whatever the season, working well with layers in the winter and equally stylish during the summer allowing you to look great and keep cool.

We introduced our made to measure long sleeve polo shirt last year just to test the market. Due to its popularity we have now increased the range and made it available in three stunning colours. You can now buy long sleeve polos all along the high street, but ours are unique in being made to measure. ShirtbyHand made to measure long sleeve polo shirts give you that amazing feel of the perfect fit and the luxurious softness of 100% premium cotton for less than the cost of many ready to wear brands.

Long sleeve polo shirts are inherently a sportswear item, inspired as they are by rugby shirts. So you would never say that they are a formal item, but that does not mean they are not smart.

Tucked in, buttoned up and paired with a suit jacket and jeans, the long-sleeve men's polo looks really smart. And just as easily, remove the jacket, untuck the shirt and roll the sleeves up and you have got a completely different casual look. Ideal if you don't know exactly how formal the event is.

Try a made to measure long sleeve polo shirt and discover a new world of comfort, style and fit.

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Long Sleeve Polo Shirt - Blue

€ 79
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Long Sleeve Polo Shirt - Navy

€ 79
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Long Sleeve Polo Shirt - Grey

€ 79

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