Our website now focuses entirely on shirts for men. We are still making female shirts for existing customers so if you would like to place an order, please get in touch.

Shirt Fabrics

All of our cotton fabrics are woven from the finest two-ply cotton and have an easy-iron finish that makes them incredibly comfortable to wear. 

Cotton Shirts

Our famous shirts are made from luxurious two-ply cotton. Two cotton threads are first twisted together, giving extra strength without extra weight. Cotton is soft and durable, but it also breathes, helping you to feel fresh and dry all day long.
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Knitted Cotton Shirts

Knitted shirts have a piqué pattern, and offer the convenience of a polo shirt with the elegance of a business shirt. Though made of 100% cotton, the fabric stretches and will shape itself to your body.
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Bamboo Shirts

This new fabric is a luxurious blend of bamboo and cotton. The fabric is strong but feels light and silky. The fibres breathe naturally, making it perfect for warm summer days.
Available in three beautiful soft shades. 
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Linen Shirts

Linen is an elegant, natural and very durable fabric made from flax. The more you wear it, the softer it becomes. The loose-weave fabric, perfectly suitable for summer, is easy to wash without losing colour or wearing out. While linen is less wrinkle-resistant than cotton, the extra comfort and coolness of the linen fabric more than compensates for this.
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Pima Cotton Shirts

Pima cotton is soft and hard-wearing and is the perfect choice for every-day shirts. Produced in the US, pima cotton has longer fibres which add to the fabric's strength. These shirts are easily ironed and wash time after time retaining the crisp freshness you expect from a quality shirt.

Premium Shirts

Our premium fabrics are woven from a longer and finer cotton thread, making the fabric feel softer and more luxurious.
Our premium shirts are all about the extra touch: luxury stitching, mother of pearl buttons and removable collar stays. For moments that require that little bit extra.
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Denim Shirts

Denim is strong, stylish and comfortable, and our collection boasts several variations on this casual essential. 
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Flannel Shirts

Flannel, recognizable by its herringbone weave, has a soft and flexible structure. Since the fabric is slightly roughened on one or both sides, a fluffy layer is created that gives the fabric its distinctive feel. The shirt feels soft on the skin and is comfortable to wear.
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