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Pima Cotton Shirts

We work with our fabric suppliers to continuously improve our shirts, to make them softer, easier to iron and more durable. This is why most of our classic shirts are now made from Pima cotton - a wonderful cloth from the US that makes each shirt a joy to wear.

Soft & Strong

Pima cotton is produced in the United States and is the softest and most durable cotton fabric in the world. The extra-long fibres make the fabric easy to iron and incredibly soft to wear.

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Because the plain weave fabric contains little structure, it feels light, soft and smooth.

pima cotton shirts
Pima Cotton Shirts

The twill weave is characterised by its diagonal weave and subtle shine.

pima cotton
Pima Cotton Shirts

Pima cotton is a soft yet hard-wearing fabric that has grown in popularity in recent years. It is the natural choice for the environmentally-conscious too. Not only does it use fewer chemicals in the production process, but it is also a longer-lasting fabric and lighter than previously.

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