Our website now focuses entirely on shirts for men. We are still making female shirts for existing customers so if you would like to place an order, please get in touch.

The ShirtbyHand Production Company

We manage the whole production process to ensure the welfare of our staff throughout the entire supply chain. This is why in 2009 we formed the ShirtbyHand Production Company in Hanoi, Vietnam to produce shirts exclusively for ShirtbyHand.

Working conditions

The ShirtbyHand workshop employs 60 skilled tailors who work under excellent conditions. They have a 45-hour working week, a light and spacious environment with modern equipment, and an income that is 20 percent higher than the regional standard.

— Toan, partner, ShirtbyHand Production Company, Vietnam
“At the workshop we produce exclusively for ShirtbyHand.com,
making unique shirts for unique people.”

You're welcome!

Transparency is of paramount importance to us. So just as you can stop by any of our offices, you are always welcome to pay a visit to the ShirtbyHand Production Company in Hanoi and discover where your shirts are created.

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