Our website now focuses entirely on shirts for men. We are still making female shirts for existing customers so if you would like to place an order, please get in touch.

About our Shirts

All of our fabric weaves explained


 This classic weave is known for its basket-weave structure and luxurious look. This fabric feels thicker and a little more stiff/rigid. The oxford weave also includes the royal oxford weave, which is slightly coarser.

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 The fine zigzag weave causes the famous herringbone pattern.
This fabric is medium weight and has a silky feel.

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Plain Weave

The Plain Weave has a flat and straight weave. The fabric has little to no structure so it feels very light and smooth.

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The fabric is known for its diagonal weave and soft shine. This weave feels soft and supple.

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The fabric is similar to Oxford. This type of weave gives a structure to the fabric.
This pattern is often also used for polo shirts.

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