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This is Linen

Looking for the perfect summer shirt? ShirtbyHand has a number of beautiful Linen and Linen Blend fabrics in its range. Ideal for the hot summer days! Read more about these airy fabrics here.

Durable Linen

What is lighter than linen? Airy yet solid - that's why linen is known as the stylish fabric for the summer. The linen blend collection has been added this summer, see our fabrics L15, L16 and L17. These fabrics are a combination of cotton and linen. You can say "Best of both worlds". Because this ideal combination ensures that your shirt is slightly less sensitive to creases than 100% linen, but is not compromised on quality!

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Light as Linen

A chic, natural fabric made from flax. Due to the strength of the textile, linen shirts for men last a long time. The more you wear it, the softer and stronger the fabric of the blouse becomes. Due to the low heat insulation of linen, it feels wonderfully cool in the warm summer months. If you have to work in the office on a warm day, this material is therefore definitely recommended. You continue to radiate professionalism in the business environment, but you still enjoy cooling off. The textile absorbs a lot of moisture and easily releases this moisture to the air, so that it remains dry to the touch. Ideal if the mercury rises. In the right combination with other clothing, it can be worn both formal chic and casual. For a office day, wear a linen shirt with neat pants and for a casual day, wear it with shorts. Not only are you resistant to hot temperatures with the fabric, the fiber itself can also withstand heat from outside. It can be washed and ironed hot. The fabric is colourfast and easily washable, without wear of the fabric. With proper care, the linen will crease less and for a non-uniform look, ironing is not necessary. Moreover, this textile is not sensitive to dirt and odor.

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