From now on we focus entirely on designing men's shirts. If you, as a customer, still want to place an order, please contact us. You can also visit Arber Studio, our new female brand which will launch end of February.

About Our Fabrics

All our high-quality fabrics are woven from the finest, two-ply cotton threads. They are coated with an easy-care finish, making your product easy to iron and comfortable to wear. The careful attention we constantly pay to detail is always both visible and sensible.


Our 100% cotton shirts are made from a luxurious two-ply weave. This means that two cotton threads are first twisted together, and consequently the fabric is woven from this double yarn. Cotton is strong and durable, but also breathes. It is comfortable, easy-care and by nature hypoallergenic.
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Looking for the perfect mix of comfort and style? Our Knitted shirts have a geometric piqué pattern, and offer the convenience of a polo with the elegant twist of a business shirt. Though made of 100% cotton, this fabric is stretchy and will shape itself comfortably to the body – perfect for relaxed moments.
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What a beautiful product, something we are proud of! The fabric is made of Bamboo and Cotton. These 2 natural products are an ideal combination for a shirt. The fabric is strong and feels light with a silky touch. The fabric is breathable, which makes it also very suitable for the warmer days. Available is beautiful soft shades. And with this shirt you also make a sustainable choice!
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Linen is an elegant, natural and very durable fabric made from flax. The more you wear it, the softer and stronger the fabric becomes. The airy textile – perfectly suitable for summer – is easy to wash without losing color or wearing out. The comfy fabric is less wrinkle resistant than cotton, but with the right care it’s a keeper.
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Woven from long-fibre cotton, Pima is a lasting and easy-care choice. Produced in the United States, Pima cotton is not only very lightweight and soft but also strong and sturdy. The fabric is easily ironed, washed or dry-cleaned, without compromising on quality. In addition, the matte finish gives every shirt a luxurious feel.
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Our premium fabrics are woven from a longer and finer cotton thread, making the fabric feel softer and more luxurious. The silver lining to every man’s wardrobe, our premium shirts are all about the extra touch: luxury stitching, mother of pearl buttons and removable stays. For moments that require that little bit extra.
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Denim is strong, stylish and casual. Our collection boasts different variations on this comfortable essential, made from a diagonal twill weave. The diverse washes give each denim product a personal and refined touch.
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Flannel, recognizable by its herringbone, has a soft and flexible structure with a raw zigzag. Since the fabric is slightly roughened on one or two sides, a fluffy layer is created that’s typical of flannel. The shirt feels soft on the skin and is comfortable to wear.
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